I've had my maple neck strat for a while and i've noticed plenty of marks appearing from dirty strings.

Just then I bought:

To use on my maple neck fender strat.

The guy who served me said he uses that on his maple neck, but when I remembered that one shouldn't use lemon oil on a maple neck.

Should I not risk it, then again I got it for halfprice due to a label mix up so It wouldn't be too much of a loss.

But year, whats the worst that can happen. Im not applying untill I get a good number of replies

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If it explicitly says not to use it on maple, (which it does) don't use it on a maple fretboard.
^ yup it says it on the bottle.

no. dont use it
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May as well keep it for my les paul then. Not an entire loss.

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well if it says not to on the label..... dont do it
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