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I cut myself with a rusty nail.

Is this a serious emergency, like ER status?

or should I make a doictor's appointment for tomorrow to get a tetanus shot?

EDIT: I thorughly cleaned it with bottled water, rubbing alcohol, hyrdogen peroxide and covered teh cut with a fresh adhesive gauze pad
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there might be more dangers than just tetanus too.

that rusty nail has probably been laying around for years since most nails have some kind of oily finish on it.. rust would indicate its very old and probably contaminated with all sorts of things.
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how did you cut yourself? Did you step on it? You should go get it checked out though. Don't want any nasty infections.
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the risk of getting an infection just from that is actually extremely low. tetanus comes from anything dirty, not just rust, and it's not something you need to flip a shit over. get to the doctor in the next few days, have him check it out, and you'll be fine.
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I would say go to the doctor just to be safe, it's better to be overly cautious than to end up with a serious infection.
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I saw some pretty freak diseases that came from something as simple as stepping on a rusty nail.

Couldn't remember any if you asked, and it might be just my jerkish nature to exaggerate at the expense of others, but you should go get checked up on anyway.
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Go to a doctor or the hospital a.s.a.p for good measure, no need to make it an emergency but you should probably get it checked out.
Go get a tenanus jab naow, you might get lockjaw otherwise.
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