I'm thinking of ordering some new tuning pegs for my epiphone les paul.

#1 - they're a puke color that are eyesores
#2 - the knobs are made of plastic
#3 - one of the screws holding the peg is loose.

So I was wondering if you good folks can tell me more about tuning pegs. My most immediate questions are: do all tuning pegs fit on any guitar? Or will I have to get specific kinds unique to the guitar model? Will superglue fix the loose screw problem (loool)?

Huh, now that I thinka bout, I might change the pick ups. I don't know what I have...I shoulda asked when I bought it
u have to get pegs that are the same size
Do you want to replace the whole tuners, or just the plastic knobs on the ends of the tuners? Because if you just want to change the plastic part, that's much easier, you can buy new ones on any guitar part website cheaply, the old ones just pull (or screw) off, the new ones just push (or screw) on.

1) no, not all tuners fit all guitars. Some tuners are wider/thinner than others. If you get new tuners and they are too wide, you can drill the post holes bigger of course. If they new tuners are too thin, you can get special brushing that help make them fit, but a lot of the time it's dodgy ground.
2) I would never suggest using superglue on any guitar part. You never know when you may want to change that part next, or have to take it off for repairs.
3) What model guitar is it exactly? If you can give use an exact model name, year it was made and country it was made in, it's easy to work out what the existing tuners are, so then we can tell you exactly what replacement tuners would be good for you.

And to get one thing quickly out the way: is your guitar a Studio, Standard or better, made in the last two and a half years, in China (the serial number will start off with 'EE06', 'EE07' or 'EE08')? If so, then the tuners you have on it are already 18:1 Grovers, which are some of the best tuners you can buy anyway. Replacing those wouldn't be a very good idea.
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Well if you want to do the work for me :P haha

It's an Epiphone Les Paul Birdseye and I'm guessing that besides the Birdseye part, it's a standard model. The number on the back is S6109958 and I can't find any other information on it.

And while we're on the topic, the pegs were on my to-do list in restoring this baby. The previous owner(s) were not kind. There is a nick the size of the edge of your nails on the back that broke through the finishing. Is there a way I can fix this?

Edit:: it was made in Korea in 1996.
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