I like both models, and have been able to play quite a few standards and I am thinking about ordering one of these soon, but is the custom that much better than the standard?
They just look different, so pick the one you think is prettiest.
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They just look different, so pick the one you think is prettiest.


If sound is more important to you than looks, get the standard and replace the horrid stock pickups with the money you save.
So the pickups in the standard are exactly the same as the one in the Epi LP Custom? Because it being black, and black with gold hardware isn't really something i want, i just want a decent LP for cheap :P
The Custom is apparently made with 2 pieces of mahogany, and the Standard is made with 3. Makes little difference though, and apart from that the only difference is the gold hardware. So it's mostly a question of just going with whichever you like the look of best.
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Get an Orville or a MIJ Epiphone if you want a good LP for less than a Gibson.