It has been a while since i actually took lessons for music. When i play guitar i always find myself just randomly noodling and not actually doing anything in key :/ It makes me sad that my theory is so much behind my technique and i think it's about time i correct that.

Does anyone know any good guitar teachers in the california south bay area (san jose area) that teach like rock - blues - metal music? Mainly i just want to learn my theory ON THE GUITAR. i know most of my theory on the piano and like singing and stuff cause i did that for a good half my life.

I tried searching on craigslist but most of them are just pedophiles in their rooms waiting for jailbait.
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i am in the same situation. not to hijack..but any for orange county/anaheim-ish area?
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if you need a teacher for theory dont bother. I dont know if u yanks have the "Master your theory series" or not but that gives you basics. But if you want scales etc. plaenty of people here to help, videos on you tube.
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