Ok so at the moment i have a vox ad30vt and a epiphone elitist les paul.. I really am not liking the vox at the moment. So i was wondering if it would be worth the hassel of selling the vox to buy something like a valve junior or little giant and then just. I really dont like the way the vox takes pedals and i really think i just need a tube amp.
So i was just wondering if it would be worth the hassel??
Yes, it is.
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be sure to test the pedals you want to work with the amp if thats a biggie for you but dont let a great tube amp go cos your crappy pedals (dont know if yours are crappy) dont like it.
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it would be more worth it if you can afford whichever amp you get without getting rid of the vox. i was in the same exact situation and got a vj. i liked how it sounded somewhat dirty but couldnt turn it loud enough a lot of the time, so i still used the vox. there is definitely a place and a time (after 9pm lol) for a vox ad series.
i think the blackheart has a gain knob, which alone makes it infinitely more versitile than the vj imo. other than the vj and blackheart there is also the jsx mini and palomino to look into for some low wattage tube amps.
Epiphone Valve Jrs, the small Blackhearts and Fender Champion 600/Gretsch G5222 are nice low wattage amps. Each has their own tone. So do a little research into which one you want.

Don't expect this amps to do much though. Make sure that single-ended, class A distortion is what you want too. It sounds different then a push-pull amp. Also, while labeled as "bedroom" amps, they can still get pretty loud.
A VJ and an od pedal will get you gain at lower volumes. The same goes for any small tube amp but they are voiced differently so try them to see which you prefer for what you play. Whether or not its worth it is up to you - do you need all the effects the vox has? Do you have the effect pedals you would need?
a little planning and matching good pedals to a EPI vj will get you some great bedroom tones. and if you want to do alittle modding it's a perfect platform. tube swaps are simple and make a big differece in sound. i would rather pay $250 for the VJ than $350 for a blackheart. take the extra hundy a buy a good eq pedal. how any people on here have amps with eq's and still use a eq pedal. also research speakers because they make a huge difference in the sound character. i have owned lots of amps in my day's. but the epi is the most fun i've had with an amp. from modding to different pedals (i love pedals). it's a perfect amp for bedroom guitarist.
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