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I've only played guitar for about 4 years, so I feel I'm still in the learning-stage. One of my favourite things to do, is to go into music stores and try out new guitars, and occasionally buy one. Until reasently I had 5 guitars, but one had an unfortunate accident and is no longer amoung us. What about you musicians that has been in the game for some time, do you still feel the need for new guitars?

I have:
Fender Stratocaster Lite-Ash
Cort Earth-200
Cruiser by Crafter (bass-guitar - unknown model)
Ibanez V (deceased)
(and a 30 year old peice-of-crap guitar - unknown brand and model)
I've been playing for just over a year, got 2, 1 shitty starter guitar, and my new Cort Vx-2v
My Gear
Cort VX-2V
Stagg BC300
Marshall JCM900 4100 DR
Marshall 1965A
Hartke HA3500 Combo
been playing for nearly 6 years.

I have the...

Bc Rich Masterpiece Bich (first proper guitar)
Monterey MGS-3 (my starter)
BC Rich Kerry Warlock King (my l33t metal guitar)
AXL Fireax which is something i scooped up for a good bargain and thought it was good for the price.

Planning to get a new one soon, perhaps a higher range Gibson, I like BC Rich as you may see so maybe the SM Draco V
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dude, it is a disease that will never leave.

it is 1:49am where I am and I still can't get off ebay. i bought a bunch of strat parts last week to build a project strat and now i want a blues junior or a tiny terror head.

not to mention a semi-hollowbody, a new bass, gretsch, 12 string...
2005 PRS McCarty (20th Anniversary Edition)
Custom 67' Tele w/Bigsby
Gibson Les Paul Double Cut Standard
Larivee Acoustic
Fractal Audio Axe Fx II
Apogee Ensemble
Yamaha HS80s

Squier Strat (starter)
Stagg R500 GBK
Ibanez V70 CE-NT (electro-acoustic)
Schecter C-1 Lady Luck (Racing Red)
ive been playing for 1 year and 10months and i have 3 guitars
Legend ST1 (starter)
LTD ec50
unknown classical accoustic
I have a serious problem, a big disposable income...

Gibson SG
Ibanez RGR420EX
Epiphone SG
Squier Strat

not good, and i still want more.
Gibson SG
Ibanez RGR420ex
Marshall JTM30
Slash SW95 Crybaby
Boss DS1/DD7
Digitech Bad Monkey

I play since 2 years and I have:

- Jackson RR3
- Ibanez GRG 170DX
- Squier Bullet Strat
- Unknown hollow body (broken)
- Unknown acoustic (broken)

But I play only the RR3 and occasionally the Ibanez (just because I keep it tuned in a different tuning from the RR3).
Been playing 4 years and have a bad case of GAS I do rotate the strats though and play them dif 1 for every gig / open mic

Fender USA 1995 Burgundy Mist Strat
Fender Highway one (older version and my main guitar)
Fender Deluxe Player
Crafter Twin Birds Acoustic
Crafter Crown Deluxe (My first electric)
Epiphone Trans Amber Les Paul
Fender P Bass
Squire Strat (Under my bed covered in dust)
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ive been playing about 6 months have 4 and 1 in the making
Tanglewood Nevada (Starter)
Vintage VR100LM
Fernandes Ravelle
EKO acoustic (my first acoustic which is older then me haha)
and im currently making a jackson/kelly style guitar with a reverse head

if i could afford it id have more haha
Wanna know what gear i have? check my profile
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8. 3 acoustics, 2 electric acoustics, a 12 string, a classical and an acoustic bass.
4 Electric
4 Bass
2 Acoustic
1 Ukulele

And as soon as my money comes through (Could be a while) I'm ordering another electric.
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iv been playing for 6 years and i only have 1.

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


I've been playing 9 years.

I have 9 guitars;

Maton E-80 (6 string acoustic)
Art & Lutherie Dreadnaught (6 string acoustic)
Art & Lutherie Palour Guitar (6 string acoustic)
SX Acoustic Guitar
Maton 12 String Acoustic
Ashton 12 String Acoustic
Yamaha Classical Guitar
Yamaha RX Bass (Electric)
Yamaha Pacifica 112 (Electric)

Am looking into buying a Suhr S3 and Taylor 414 in the next year.

And yes, I am poor
i have nothing :p


i have sammick guitar ( a begginer)
Ibanez RG 321 MH with seymour duncans
Yamaha GA 10 amp (never think of getting it)

and i am getting a fender amp soon
i have

- a fender squier strat what i started on
- usa made fender strat
- ibanez grg170 (the £150 model)
- ibanez grs180 bass
- epiphone les paul prophecy ex what i got last week and finding it ver yuncomfortable to play! there's no cutaway up the neck and the body digs into you like f**k

and to top it all off i can't even play one song from start to finsih, i'm more obssessed with guitars than my skill is

i've been having lessons for a while but would like an online guitar buddy to learn with, would appreciate some friend requests to get to know you good people better.
p.s. im from the UK
Ibanez GRG170DX
Vintage VS6
Falcon Acoustic
Shite LP copy (broken)
3/4 size shite strat copy, which is a bit broken too

I only use the first 2.
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Ibanez GRG170DX
Peavey Vypyr 75
Fender Princeton 650 DSP w/ Celestion 80w speaker
-Squier Affinity Stratocaster
-Squier P-Bass

Been playing almost two years and that's it for me, I want a new guitar and bass so badly, either a Fender Standard Strat, American Standard Strat(so much more expensive tho), or a Fender Highway One Hss strat, and either a J-Bass, Jaguar Bass, or Musicman Stingray
Fender 09 Standard Strat>Wilson Ten Spot II Wah>Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion>EHX Big Muff Pi>Boss CE-2 Chorus>Crate V32 Palomino 212
Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass>(Same Pedals)>AcousticB20

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I'm with DeltaFunk
-Epi LP Special II
-Breedlove Atlas Series AD/20SM (Now a discontinued model)
Soon -Wasburn WI64 Vintage (In black)
- Fender American Deluxe Strat
- Ibanez Artwood
- Yamaha C-30 or someshit (classical)

Been playin' for 5-6 years (can't remember :S)
Next up: Maton (acoustic) --> Fender Tele
-Yamaha RGX-TT
-Regal DR5 (Acoustic)
-Squier SA-100 Starter Pack (first guitar)
-Squier P-Bass

Been playing for about a year.
Travis S.

Yamaha RGX-TT
Fender CD220CE Acoustic
Regal DR5 Acoustic
Squier Acoustic
'94 MIJ strat
Ibanez RG370DX
Essex Tele (Action pumped up high and playin some slide 8) )
No name acoustic (which blows all lower priced acoustics epiphone, yamaha etc out of the water)
5 , I own 3 , Dad owns 2

1 - Encore Stratocaster Mine
2 - Harmony Acoustic (Local Brand)
3 - Alba Acoustic Mine
4 - Gretsch Acoustic
5 - Nylon Acoustic Mine

Not really an acoustic player, but i own 2
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I like more having just good one electric guitar. If I get more money, I'll sell old guitar and use that money to buy a better one. It really doesn't make sense to have like five different $500 guitars, cause you could get some sweet PRS or other all-aroud-guitar with that money.

Actually I've got two guitars: my "main-axe" Ibanez Sz 320 and some crappy B.C.Rich Warlock. I got that Warlock as a gift, so it has more sentimental value..

1-MIM Fender Strat
2-some 40 year old japanese semihollowbody electric (sekova i think is the brand?) that i can't get to work
4 guitars:

An inherited strat copy (Exclusively sentimental value, never actually played it)
Epiphone G-310 (Fixed bridge, so I can do strange tunings with it)
RPG JEM copy (Floyd Rose, otherwise I'd have sold the G310)
A mixed up acoustic with an inherited (unknown) neck and a Lakeland body.

All of them are left-handed apart from the strat, which I've flipped the strings and strap buttons on.
I own 4 guitars... 5 as of next thursday hopefully
- Dean ML
- Eastcoast Strat Style (FS - UK Only)
- Eastcoast Acoustic
- Hohner Les Paul
and hopefully...
- Epiphone SG Deluxe Flametop
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3 guitars. (random Strat copy, Epiphone Les Paul, Freshman Acoustic).
plus that SG copy of my friend's that he never asked for back.

and 2 basses (Squier Jazz and a random Precision copy).
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I have three.

2007 Jackson Dinky Pro DK2

1987 Yamaha RGX-112

1996 Washburn DE-10 Acoustic
Quote by dudebud
dude, it is a disease that will never leave.

it is 1:49am where I am and I still can't get off ebay. i bought a bunch of strat parts last week to build a project strat and now i want a blues junior or a tiny terror head.

not to mention a semi-hollowbody, a new bass, gretsch, 12 string...

I have the exact same disease. But ive only been playing for like 4 months lol
My Gear
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
EHX Metal Muff
Peavey Valvking 112
Boss ME-50
Holy Grail Reverb
I have 3. A Jasmine by Takamine acoustic, which was my first guitar. A Breedlove AC25 S/M with Fishman 4 pickups. A Gibson SG Standard 2007. I am about to build my own custom Strat.
I have three:
A horrible no-namer strat copy
A nice Crafter Acoustic
And my Gibson SG Standard
For the TS: what do you mean "still learning"? You will be learning guitar for as long as you keep playing! Just a though.

Anyhow I have 2:

-A MIM wine red HSS Strat
-An Amberburst ESP Eclipse II with SD 59/JB

I'm thinking of selling them both and just getting a REALLY nice SSS strat and using the remaining cash towards a nice amp.

I have GAS, but I dont play well enough to justify having more than 1 or 2 guitars.
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