its late/early here so i can't test this theory. is it possible to go guitar > fuzz factory > bad monkey > 200 lbs of tone > amp, and still be playable? i read that bad monkey is buffer output and i believe that is what is needed to make 2 fuzz pedals work together. i really would like to be able to stack fuzz to try something different. i know billy gibbons use to use like 6 fuzz pedals at once. i already tried fuzz factory into 200lbs and they don't play nice right next to each other.
I'm curious, just sort of off-topic, do you use the Boss bass equaliser on your guitar? And if so is it because the highest band on the bass version is actually higher than the highest band on the guitar version?
actually yes i do use the eq pedal on my guitar. mainly because i use to play a baritone guitar and wanted a eq pedal that tailored towards bass side of the guitar... the whole korn/coal chamber/etc fad. imo the eq pedal works fine, but one day i would like a mxr or dod 10 band eq pedal.