Okay, so I ordered one about 4 months ago and it finally came.
Now it says:

Amp Head with a speaker output
A/B (and/or) switchbox
Speaker/Amp combo or Amp Head with speakers
Microphone with a P.A. system (amp and speakers)

1: Hook your guitar up to any pre-amp effects you desire.

2: Have the last item in your pre-amp effects go into an A/B switchbox or similair switching device that accepts one input and has two outputs.

3: Connect your Amp Head to one output of the A/B box and connect your Speaker/Amp combo or Amp Head with speakers to the other output of the A/B box.

4: Connect a cable from the speaker output of your Amp Head to the input of the Talkbox (Be sure to use a heavy duty speaker cable, not a standard guitar cable) Caution: The Talkbox is an 8 ohm speaker rated at 100 watts max power or 50 watts RMS. Check the specifications on your amplifier to verify that it will not overpower the Talkbox.

5: Put the end of the Talkbox's clear tube up alongside your microphone, so that the tube fits in your mouth. Make sure the tube is close to the microphone to achieve best results from the effect. (Have your microphone set up as you normally would using another amp and speaker)

6: The A/B box will alow you to control whether you hear (A) the regular, unmodified sound of your guitar, (B) the Talkbox effect going through your microphone, or (A & B) both at the same time.

Okay, so WTF, why didn't these guys told me before I bought it? I was searching the internet for enough information about it and THE INTERNET never told me to use an extra speaker, microphone or a A/B switchbox (-what the hell is that anyway?) And I asked them before:
"Do I need something extra to use it?"
"Noooo you need nothing just an amp and it will be fine."

So now I need to wait untill I can afford and extra speaker and a microphone with a standard.


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There's plenty of information about how a talkbox works - you could even have asked on UG

But you didn't.

Oh, would ya look at what happens when you google "talk box setup"

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Yeah the Dunlop site, but for some reason that site wasn't working here for a while, and now it says exactly the same as in my discription.
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