I seriously wanna kill someone for a Mark IIC+ right now, the tone of them is just godly!

So I've just been watching John Petrucci's Rock Discipline and it's been a while. Hearing him improv the few solos he does just sent shivers down my spine. I feel his tone has lost something since he retired the Mark IIC+ and Triaxis from the rig. I think that's got more to do with it then him switching pickups or guitar companies and subsequently guitar wood types etc.

I for one hope he miraculously returns it on the next Dream Theater album because the tone is just amazing, and I also hope he brings some more melodic and smooth leads like these too, just as a nice change from the really modern sounding high gain lead tone he's had for the last few albums.

For those who've yet to be enlightened, here is the clip in question:

Most people can't justify the price jump over a Mark III or IV, but Petrucci tone is known with the Mark IV as well.
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how much do they cost in america

Not exactly sure, but the figure $3500 comes to mind.
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Never mind American 1500$
Australia 6000$ WOW

Even a mint Mark IV will get more than $1500
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best offer in aus was like 5500 i think i remember seeing

and to TS i understand if it was a few hundred difference, but in this case its Thousands