A year ago i broke the neck on my les paul. I got it repaired but didnt really play because i prefer my prs santana. Anyway, after playing it again a few weeks back i noticed that the 9th fret A string was making virtually no sound. I took it to get it fixed and the guy behind the counter said there were deadspots all over the place because the action was too low.
I just got it back and it sounds good up until you get up ti the 14th fret and i feel as if it should have a lot more sustain, but when i play these notes on my prs they sound the same.
Obviously you guys cant really comment without hearing it for yourselves but i was wondering what you think? I could take it back and ask the guy at the guitar store but i not particularly hopeful he'll be truthful. Do all guitars that have had a broken neck get deadspots?

raise the bridge at the bottom a bit, or i mean were the strings on your les paul are held, take d strings of and raise it a bit and that should sort the problem