Can somebody recommend anything kinda cheap?
I don't think I will make it with 200 euros but I don't really wanna go higher than that.
8 Steps To Building Your First PA

Beware of package deals as well. Sometimes they pick a power mixer and speaekrs that don't mix well...normally in those cases you haev to crank the power amp on the mixer and it causes it to burn up quickly...

Also don't cheap out, a good PA will sound better than a cheap one and sound is everything...Phonic makes some good lower end units. Yamaha makes better ones for the price. These two Phonics are not bad for the price.

Lastly check out Brian on youtube as he knows a ton about PAs being a Mobile DJ:
How To Set Up A PA - Part 1 - Ohms & Peak vs Program
How To Set Up A PA - Part 2 - Amps & Speakers/Bridge Mono
How To Set Up A PA - Pt 3 - Amp Settings Stereo/Bridge Mono
Hey Brian - What's Bridge Mono?

Oh and as for a mic, you can't go wrong with the Shure SM58 for live vocals. The switch on any mic is a pointless feature and normally gives out before the mic does making it a paperweight... This is why most high end mics don't have any switch. People tend to forget it's turned off as well...
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