Today I went to the unemployment agency to apply for welfare. After standing in line for 45 minutes, the guy in front of me goes to a teller. It was almost 12, which is when the agency closes, and i heard the lady saying to him in the snottiest voice imaginable:
"oh im sorry, you should have come here earlier, its too late to process your welfare extension application now"
guy: "oh, okay the-"
"you know we still have to sort post after closing time and we would like to get home, too, after having worked for 10 hours yesterday!" (keep in mind that in germany, civil servants cannot be fired, get great retirement money, and are basically set for life)
guy: "um yeah, Im sure its terrible" (still polite)
"you know I hardly ever get to see my kids, with all this work! Sometimes they make us work overtime without pay if we have alot of people here!"
I could tell the guy, who looked pretty old and didnt look like he hadnt had a job for quite a while, was getting pretty pissed off.
guy: "okay Ill just come back next monday."
"yes, and please come earlier. its unbelievable, all morning we have only a few people, then an hour before closing time (theyre only open from 8-12) people start pouring in and it takes forever!"
the guy is seriously pissed off now
guy: "sorry, Ill try to keep that in mind"

he comes back, and as he passes me I hear him muttering "I wish I had her problems"

that actually made me pretty mad, too, to see the bitch say things like that to him, especially because in Germany, there are and have always been way too many unemployed people, especially since 1989 when Germany was reunited, and government welfare has been drastically cut since then. I used to teach unemployed people English at the language school I used to work, and Ive had doctors, engineers, lawyers and what have you, all just barely having enough to feed their kids, so its not like everyone on welfare is just a lazy dolt.

tl;dr: I hate going to government offices.

EDIT: Its not that I dont think government offices are a bad thing, theyre a huge help here in Germany. But, having gone to them several times in the past months, I can assure you that people treat you worse than shit there.
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Serious answer-Unfortunately, when you've got a set-for-life job and you've been there for a while, it's easy to forget that not everyone gets so lucky. I guess that makes it easier to look upon unemployed people with disdain. Maybe you should log a complaint on their behalf or something.

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