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10 32%
Fisherman's Friend
19 61%
2 6%
Voters: 31.
Hey all, as you might have guess I'm starting to catch a cold and I've already gotten a sore throat. I need some advice for what the Pit uses when you guys have bad throat. I'm taking other medication (Benalyn I think), but I need something that'll sooth my throat when I'm at school.

So which do you find more effectice? Vicks or Fisherman's Friend, or something else?
Random fact of the day - Alexi Laiho crushes up some Fisherman's Friend and puts it into a bottle of vodka to drink, calling it 'Fishy'
^Cool, I guess.

Wait does he do it for the flavour or because it helps with his singing style?
fishermans friend entirely because of the thin blue line episode.
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^Cool, I guess.

Wait does he do it for the flavour or because it helps with his singing style?

Flavour man סּ_סּ
Boil some water, put a funnel in your mouth/throat, and pour it all down.
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Well I guess I'll go and try some Fisherman's Friend. Thanks for the advice all.

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Flavour man סּ_סּ

Fisherman's friend is awesome. It's the best breath mint or anything of the like that I've ever had.
Just got back for lunch and I have been sucking on the Fisherman's Friend (lol) lozenges the whole morning. It did not alleviate any of the soreness, instead it just left me with a menthol taste in my mouth (okay maybe just a little less soreness, but there was still discomfort).

Vicks on the other hand left a smoother taste in my mouth and also stopped the soreness but only for about half an hour (then I'd eat suck on another one). Oh ya, I used the regular FF because they didn't have any extra strength ones - I'll have to try those out sometime.
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