Hello!My name is Marijan and this is my first post here.
I am playing the guitar for year and a half,but so far i have never played with band.My guitar is Stag,a stratocaster copy,with a humbucker pickup and 2 single ones.I am not using a standar guitar amp,but rather a pavey amplifier that i connect to my mixing console and the huge speaker boxes that i inherited from my father,who was a singer.
So i find my self today having no effects for my guitar if i ever decide to go to a gig,except the delay processor(also from my father) which i plug in the mixer.
So now i decided to buy some effects for my guitar,a multi effect pedal possibly.What i want from it is to have at least: Distortion.Reverb,Delay.I don't need anything fancy,only those 3 effects with decent sound.My budget is kinda low,so i would like to get something under 150 american dollars.
I am a total noob for effects so please don't flame me and also please tell me if it is better to get multi effect pedal or few single ones.

Thanks in advance Marijan!
Multi effects processors are generally tone suckers. They give you a really lame cold tone that is really uninspired. Kinda like a modeling amp. As far as Distortion Reverb and Delay, you need a better amp. A good amp has great distortion already, and built in reverb. Delay would be a seperate pedal, but many companies make quality delay stomp boxes. I use the Boss DD-3, it's not the top of the line but it works for me!
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Well... since you'll be using so few effects i suggest you buy individual stomp boxes. If you still want to look for a decent multieffects go and look at a Digitech RP250 or Line 6 Floor POD. They won't be the greatest things out there but they'll do. Really, you might want and save up your money for a while. Get individual effects since you don't need an entire repertoire of effects. If you later discover that you would like to have more effects, sell your pedals and buy something better, such as a Boss GT-8/10, Line 6 POD XT or X3 Live, or a Digitech GNX.
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