For anyone interested.

A new syndicated series is about to start up on network tv. It's called "The Legend of the Seeker" and is based around the Sword of Truth series of books by author Terry Goodkind. I've read the entire series twice, and let me tell you, if the tv shows do them any justice at all it's going to be a fantastic ride. The first show airs the weekend of Nov. 1/2. I personally am a bit jazzed to see Scarlet. Those who have read the books will know instantly who she is. And Kahlan is HOT!
The Sword of A Thousand Truths should be the name. Would be awesome.
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Never read the books... What are they about?
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^ Fantasy, set in another time and place. About a simple woods guide named Richard Cypher whose world is suddenly turned upside down when he meets and saves a beautiful woman named Kahlen Amnell. Kahlen is running through his woods away from some very bad men intent on killing her, so Richard steps in to save her. Checkout a preview of the first 10 minutes of the show here:

So, the opening show has been on. I recorded it and just got done watching it. It's good, but could be better. I sort of wish they had gone with some other known actors, but the ppl they chose did an ok job. Nothing stellar tho.
Anyone else manage to tune in? Thoughts?