Hi everyone

I've been playing the guitar for about a year now. I own an epiphone sg and a Tanglewood TW 1000. I started playing chili peppers stuff, but it really began to bore me to tears. So I've gone down the root of heavy metal and started to play metallica stuff. It takes me a lot longer to learn speed finger Hetfield riffs but, after a lot of blood sweat and tears, it's worth it. I've nailed enter sandman, but one and master of puppets are going to require a few more lonely repetative nights in.

I'm looking at purchasing a esp ltd ec 500s or an ec 1000. In terms of amplifier, i'd like a sweet little Laney valve combo to go with it. I was thinking of a Peavy, but i think it proves a little harder to get a clean tone from one of these and want something a little more versatile.

I look forward to sucking every ounce of guitar knowledge from you all, and glad i finally joined the axe gang!
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There is a forum for each aspect of guitar playing. For which guitar to get, go to Electric guitar! For your amp, Gear & Accessories! If you're trying to learn a new song, but you can't find a tab, request it in the Tab Talk forum!
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