Well I'm sat here after a knee operation kicking my heels and finding it very uncomfortable to play the guitar. Anyway i recently played a Squire Classic Vibe Series 50's telecaster and i have to say was very impressed by both how it played and how it sounded. And as tempted as i am by it, would it be better to buy a MIM Tele standard?

Or are there cheaper alternatives to getting a classic tele guitar that plays well.

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Ive only heard good things bout these classic vibes, however im yet to try one :x
I've always found MIM Fenders to be great building blocks for customization. Squires are mostly made in Korea and China, depending on what model you pick up and where you pick it up at. The older Squires from the 80's were made in Japan and are general better than most MIMs and even some American models from the same time.

If you just wanna pick up and play I say go for the Squire. If you want to put a little work in to the instrument I say buy a MIM.