let me know what you guys think. we're sort of stuck on what we're trying to do. some of us seem to think the vocals don't fit our style and we're thinking of going more for the metal/hardcore sound (along the lines of "saved me from myself" but more metalish).
A little warning would have been appreciated...

The vocals don't really fit the way you guys are playing. I'm all for doing your own thing when it comes to music but it should sound right together, you know?
I actually liked the guitar, turn up the bass and turn down the vocals a wee bit.
I couldn't last more than a minute on each song I listened to(the first three).
I hope I didn't come off like I'm attacking you, I'm trying to make sure I don't since you guys aren't all "You don't believe what we believe?! Well you're going to burn in hell and we're better than you because of it!" and I respect that.
haha...sorry for no warning.
we sort of feel like the vocals aren't fitting either. and the recording was done by a local guy who (as we know now) probably wasn't the best choice for our style of music.
the only problem is that our lead singer is a good friend and we're afraid that it may mess up relationships, but in the same sense it's getting in the way of our main goal.
it definately does not seem like you're attacking us. i wanted constructive criticism and that's exactly what you gave me and i really appreciate it.
You could always tell him to learn to learn to sing closer to the style you want then alter your own sound and find the middle ground if your friendships are that important.
That's what I hate about being friends before starting a band.
we're thinking of getting him some singing lessons so we're really hoping that would put him closer to our style. he's very into the same music as us, but it sometimes seems that tries to hard to sound like someone he's not.
vocals are actually not too bad IMO. What puzzled me is how your profile says "Christian / Rock / Alternative "
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vocals are actually not too bad IMO. What puzzled me is how your profile says "Christian / Rock / Alternative "

you would be suprised. Alot of christians seem to prefer more rock/metal these days
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you would be suprised. Alot of christians seem to prefer more rock/metal these days

That's not what I mean, I'm just saying that this music isn't Rock/Alternative.
frontmans vocals remind me kinda of myles kennedy from alter bridge and/or ian watkins from lostprophets

I personally feel he doesn't suit your style though.
i havn't even noticed what our page says. as of right now, i consider us hardcore/punk tho we are trying to lean more towards metal/hardcore. some of our newer stuff that hasn't been recorded is heavier and more metal sounding.
i don't think that he has a bad voice, but as adam124 said, i just don't think it fits our style of music. we're trying to work around it and give him ideas of what we want from him as a vocalist. would lessons be a bad idea? if not then what sort of teacher do i shoot for? is there such thing as a hardcore/metal vocalist teacher?
I added you, you guys are pretty good as you are now, your singer is good, but just of the wrong sort of style, i don't think it's as offensive as made out though
I reckon the vocals sound quite well
It sounds like a band that i know just cant get my finger on it.
Guys are pretty good! I really liked what I listened to, and sent you an add on myspace. The songs as a whole are very cool. I don't think your singer's style is that distant from your band's sound (the songs on the page at least), but there are a few things technique wise he could do to improve (maybe it's just me, but his enunciation on certain words annoyed me a little bit, seemed very closed and short). You can also tell that he's straining his throat to reach up for some of his higher notes too, which is something he needs to work on.

Not trying to make a singing bash or anything, haha, just tossing out some suggestions , I really like your music though!
not that you haven't already heard but it's the singing that's ruining this for me hes more or less rapping than signing although stand up is actually quite good. just lightly suggest lessons so he can get a better idea of proper singing techniques