I just bought a strat for some recording and am looking at doing a pickup change. I have been a Gibson player my entire life and would like some advice. First do you feel with a noise cancelling single coil you lose some of the dynamics of the single coil, and secondly what are some pickup recommendations for a nice bluesy tone. The tone I am looking for should go somewhere between Clapton and Great White. I am not looking for an SRV or texas tone. Any help would be appreciated.
Lace sensor golds with a mid boost circuit (they're what were in the original Clapton signature strat)...

or Fender Custom Shop 69s: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Custom-Shop-69-Strat-Pickup-Set?sku=301637

Or if you're into budget options GFS pickup offer a wide variety of strat pickups. I've played with GFS pickups on a few occasions (I built a friend of mine a guitar with a couple for one) and they're AMAZING for the price. Seriously, these are on par with $75-$100 pickups from Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio and the like...
I looked at the GFS pickup. You have any recommendations on which pickups are decent. I am looking for something that has a warm, round, single coil sound to it.