hey what is a good Mic to jam out with. i really would love it if the Mic didnt get feed back either

oh I'm using this mic to sing and scream with

thanks for your time

also i forgot to ask dynamic or condense
Are you playing with a band and planning to use the mic live?

If you're screaming, you're probably best to avoid condensers, as they are much more sensitive. The industry standard is the Shure SM58, but you should also check out the Shure Beta 58, as it combines elements of a condenser mic with the standard dynamic SM58 design to give an overall better clarity.
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yes im playing with a band i have a PH set up 2 JBL speakers and a Yamaha mixer... or is it a power amp... lol
Sm58 is the standard. I love mine for screaming and growling.

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