After playing around on my friends multi effects pedal, the only thing that I really liked was the clear, calm sound of the chorus, so I have decided to get myself a chorus pedal. I'm looking for a deep nice sound, somewhat like Jaco Pastorius i guess, but not exactly. I've narrowed my choices to :




I was wondering if anyone owns or has used or can give me some feedback and which one i should buy. Thanks in advance.
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anything specific about the difference or how it sounds or any cons about the BOSS ?
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+ 1, i've got one and it sounsd amazing, the sound samples on the Boss website didn't wow me much to be perfectly honest, seemed a bit simple where as the Digitech one has great tone and alot of range.
Digitech. I was singing this pedals praises back in '06 when I got one. Even compared to more expensive models, it holds its own. Its is the best value in a chorus for the price, and IRS is right; its so transparent its remarkable.

In the area of delay pedals and chorus, you can't beat the Digitech options.
Ok, thanks for all your help everyone ! I'm going to order it now and then O.D. on it and never turn it off, :P.
I would actually put in a word for the Analogman Clone Chorus (with deep mod, so it fits bass range better). bassfuzz.com has a review. It really is a great chorus, and I will be saving for one when other priorities get fulfilled (a blender pedal, a power supply, and a wah ).
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well my mother is bugging for for a lsit of stuff to buy me for my bday and xmas and i was looking into a chours pedal. ive looked at the digitech the reviews and sound clips are good. so would you guys recommend the digitech??