hey guys, thanks for all the helps so far
so, now i want to start recording my music
i have an presonus audiobox for my inputs
right now i want to take my amp signal and transfer it there
i was told to get a ultra-di di400p to help better the amp signal, but now when im looking at it, i cant seem to figure it out!

it has "parallel" inputs/outputs, and a microphone output that will go to my presonus
here is a picture of the manual: http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pdf/man/m_182498.pdf

i cant seem to figure out though, so i connect the lineout of the guitar amp to the input of the box or do i connect the guitar itself into the box?
then where do the rest of the connections go?
sorry for my confusion and thank you for the help!
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Why not get a mic and mic your amp?
Thats probably the best way to go about recording it..
The Shure SM57 is a good choice and very popular.

Just follow the image in the maual. The only difference is the mixer is your interface.

On the other side of the box the guitar plugs into the IN and the amp gets plugged into the OUT.
Well, the Audiobox only takes microphone or instrument inputs...if you want the amp signal out, you'll need a different DI box. The 400p only takes unbalanced signals...the DI20 doesn't have that problem. Just plug the line out of the amp, and take the XLR out to the Audiobox. Turn on phantom power so the DI20 works without a battery.

You could also use their more durable GI and DI-100 boxes and use the speaker outs of the amplifier. The former has a 4x12 emulation setting.

Finally, you could just get a 1/4 cable (balanced) out of the amp, and connect it to this attenuator.
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