So here’s the deal. Two months ago, my three-month old Fender Blues Junior conks out - stops making any noise whatsoever. Because it was so new, even though I knew it was the tubes, I decided to send it back. GAK (the place I ordered the amp from) offered to pick it up and return it for £15 either fixed or replaced.

Today, it was returned. I can’t figure out if its my amp repaired or a new Blues Junior - but this is the state I received it in…

1. Only ONE tube actually in the amp (hanging out, with the tube hole obviously bent)
2. One tube UNDERNEATH the amp in the box, with the connectors bent.
3. The rest of the tubes lying at the bottom of the amp, along with some sort of metal grate that obviously should be somewhere.

I’ve had so much ****ing bad luck with tubes amps, but this is unbelievable. This is just terrible customer service on GAKs behalf.

What do I do UG?

*Pics in about an hour, need to recharge the battery.
Phone them, complain, make them give you a working one for free.

That said, they've always been fine for me with 2 separate amps, a pedal and a guitar purchased from them, meh.
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Yeah, get into contact with them man, hopefully they'll realise you've been treated badly and sort it out for you.

It's unlucky though, like MrCarrot, I've bought from GAK too, and I found them to be really reliable and helpful.

This is why i love soundslive.co.uk one of my premium cables stopped working. Got instant replacement. My Blues junior also developed a buzz. Sent it back. New one in two days.

But seriously open communications with GAK most situations like this are resolved very amicably and usually result in a happy customer in the end providing it's not your fault.

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Quote by timi_hendrix
That will be the courier service's fault more than GAK's.

You'd think so. But I'm wondering...

One tube was underneath the amp, which was also extensivley covered in bubble wrap. It's impossible to explain how, if it took a knock during its time with the courier, that tube got outside of all that bubble wrap and underneath the entire amp. The other damage sustained, you wouldn't really think would occur if you dropped it or something. So I'm not so sure.

Anyway, all I can do is phone them up first thing after work tomorrow.
Thanks for the advice everyone.
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Contact GAK first and see what they say.


it's clearly unacceptable, but it's so obviously so that even a polite (which i suggest you should be) email/phone call to gak should get you what you want.
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It may have been handlers while shipping it, but that is unlikely. I would complain because that is just unacceptable, you pay for it to be fixed as promised and they don't deliver which is a blatant breach of customer service and claims.
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