Alright, so i have been thinking about getting my own Masterkeyboard, for recording some things on my Desktop.

now my question is, would this do?

and would a sustain pedal be a good buy to?

Also, i'm looking in some Virtual Instruments. any reccomendations would be helpfull, looking for a synth, and a drum program.

there is also 1 thing i don't really get, can the modulation wheel be assigned to certain effects, like a wah or something like that?

thnx for all the help

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The product you are looking at is a USB connected MIDI keyboard controller. It doesnt seem to have any on board sounds from what I know....nor does it have a sustain pedal slot.

It must be connected to the computer to get sounds out and an audio interface would be a nice thing to add as well to keep latency down.

Other products to look into with a lot more features for the prices are the M-Audio Axiom and M-Audio KeyRig units. M-Audio also makes the Keystation line but I dont know much about them. M-Audio is good in my book though.

A sustain pedal is nice to have on any setup. There are cheap ones out there but I got the M-Audio SP2 for christmas last year and it's outstanding for the price. I had to replace the cheap $20 one that was breaking down on me after a few years of use.

Yes the modulation wheel can be set to change most paramiters in your software such as a filter sweep or volume adjustment.

Software...theres a lot out there.
For great sounding drums you cant go wrong with Toontrack. They have some great sounding acoustic recorded kits in there softwares.

For synth sounds Rapture is a great start IMO. Sonar 8 Producer has a lot of synths on board and you can also use it to record which is nice. IT comes at a price but is well worth it, (this is coming from a Sonar 6 and 7 Producer user).
in regards to synths, it really depends on what you're making. any kind of electronic/hip-hop stuff then synths like Rapture, reFX Vanguard, reFX Nexus and z3ta+ are ones i've had experience using. If you're going for a different kind of genre or looking for something that's really versatile, i recommend looking into SampleTank. It has samples of everything from pianos to orchestras and also includes some decent synths, as well as acoustic/electric guitar & bass
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Tnx for all the help
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Isn't it odd, that Iron Man is a superhero, whereas "iron, woman!" is a command?