I've been looking for a delay pedal and decided to go with a digital one since this dude I know has a boss dd-6 and his tone with it is still great, so I don't really need an analog pedal after all :P

I can't decide though, the only digital delays that are affordable to me that I like are the Boss DD7 and the Digitech Hardwire DL8 (i know the DD3 is cheapest but I prefer the extra features of the DD7)

I can't decide which one would be the better buy, both are the same price and pretty much the same value so i'm just looking at quality now.

What should I go with?
My fav delay pedal is the Digitech Digital Delay. Haven't played the Hardwire pedals yet but I hear good things. I would defiantly go with the Digitech over the Boss.

Try them both out if you can. I use a Digitech Digidelay as well and it's quite nice. I've heard great things about the DL8.
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digitech. hardwire series have great reviews and are giant bang 4 the buck
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