I just bought a second hand acoustic Takamine. When I tried the guitar I noticed that the strings buzz. the buzzing sounds worse on the heavier gauge strings, and the guy I bought the guitar from said it was because the guitar has had the same strings for about 3 years and so I believed him and got the guitar because I liked its sound. I still have'nt change the strings, and I wanted to ask if what he said about the old strings causing string buzz was true.

if they are rusted they do.
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Yes, my Ibanez is due a string change, its has the same strings on it since Christmas. There is no rust on any of the strings, and it buzzes horribly, most likely due to kinks in the strings. Regardless of buzz, change those mucky 3 year old strings!! If theres any fret buzz sort it out after you change the strings.
Why don't you change the strings and find out?

Sounds like you have some fret buzz though.
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