What are some good cheap ps2 games that are fun and time consuming?
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God of Wars
Grand Theft Auto Series
Why the fuck haven't you got a new console?
Dynasty Warriors
Guitar Hero
look for final fantasy!!
the tenth one is really good, all the others are great too and they all kill 100 hours at least ^_^

edit!! out of that link, timesplitter is a pretty fun 2 player game too. knda like a bad halo.
nothing like when the other player goes away and u put a thousand remote mines on him and whenhe comes back u detonate him and make him shoot up 100000000 ft into the air =D

oh, and grand theft auto of course!

and im going to have to ask you to purchase need for speed 2 and most wanted too!
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Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, FFX all damn time consuming

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Herdim Picks
Laney Linebacker 50 Reverb
MXR Phase 90

Awesome game.
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resident evil 4
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shadow of the collosus
monster hunter
god of war 1 and 2
drakan:the anchient's gates
word to your mother
GTA san andreas
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rogue galaxy
star ocean
katamari damacy
way of the samurai
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metal gear solid 2 and 3


get like a 360 or ps3 or somethin lol

god of war 1 and 2 are cool

silent hill maybe

if u wanna conform, then get that guitar hero game

and yea, lol just go to gamestop and look at the PS2 games, duh! lol

and goodluckkkkkkk

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Gaming thread much?

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Shadow of The Colossus

Devil May Cry 1 + 3


Prince of Persia Sands of Time


Practically all PS2 games are cheap now.
Kingdom Hearts I & II ftw
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SSX Tricky. A fun snowboarding game, takes a while to get the hang of the controls.