Hi wondered if anyone can help...

I bought this acoustic guitar from the tip for 7 quid an i thought it was just a cheap kids one but on closer inspection it actually looks pretty good. it has a bolt on neck, floating bridge and a oblong sound hole like one of them django rhienhart gipsy jazz thingys. also the headstock is classical style but the things that the string winds on are metal so i wondered if it was meant to take steel strings cant see a truss rod(strung up with nylon at the moment). The back is bowed too. no sign of a makers mark on it..

Thanks then
If you got the wrong king of strings, its gonna harm the guitar, either way. If you can't see a truss rod, then your best bet is the style of the bridge. If it has saddles or something (that plastic pins that hold the ball-end of the strings in place) then you can use steel strings. If it feels and sounds right though, don't change the strings cause you'll get a sandwich guitar at some point

Edit 1: Also the nut can help you. Depending on the style of stings, the diameter will change.

Edit 2: I think you are asking about the string type, not the guitar manufacturer. I'm clueless on that matter
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