hey all, am new to the site, have been looking at making my own guitar and was looking for plans and bought this.. http://store.payloadz.com/str-asp-i.150050-n.18_Guitar_Plans_Other_Files_-end-detail.html... just in case its not been posted in here before. looks excellent ut will have to wait till tomorrow to get some printed off. anyway a quick question, whats teak like for guitar making. i have some lovely pieces and some mahogany too. the mahogany os for the LP but i might make a flying V from the teak....cheers in advance
just do what i did, make it from scratch using your own designs and ideas.
You just LOST the game >: P

After years of extensive research at Yale, it is determined that the game does not, in fact, exist.
I've heard of teak being used for necks before not sure how good of a tonewood it is though.
teak is all i can get at the moment, its dry as a bone, well seasoned and no knots or cracks, heavy as hell though, will use oak for the top and a mahogany neck...i will just have to see how it is in the end. i am not too worried about the tone at the end. i have a crappy LP copy that seems to be made from left over wood from a shed, so anything will be better than that, i have some mahogany coming soon but i cant seem to get any maple, so i will just use good old irish oak for the top, can get ash though if thats a better idea for the top....