Please crit this and let me know what you think... it cuts out at 2 min 41 on mine which sucks cause it gets more interesting after that, might be caus ei had to convert it from wav to mp3 to get it on here

me and my friend did this today, first ever time we have tryed recording anything together( he has messed around with some songs on a cam corder i think lol"
mainly looking for recording tips

That's fairly good for a first recording. However, i don't think the vocal harmony improved the song at all, and the guitar seemed to be off-rhythm at times.

The good parts of the song were: main vocals (most of the time), simple but well-used chord progression, and the acoustic guitar tone. Also, the quality of the recording is very good for a first attempt at home recording.
Writing while listening....

The song's pretty cool. The recording is done pretty good as well. I liked the accoustic guitar alot and the vocals sounded very good. The singer went a little flat at times, but who hasn't done that...LOL I guess my only complaints about the song are the verses. It's hard to tell (for me that is) when the verses end and the chorus begins. Maybe cause it doesn't have one? LOL I don't know. But over all I think the song has good potential.

I think the recording is actually done very well. I have no idea what you're using to record, but whatever it is is fine for demos. So unless you want to get pro sounding recordings, I think everything is great the way it is. However, if you list the gear you're using I may be able to help a little. Or, maybe not.


Crit this please:

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nice i like the recording, maybe lay off the treble on the guitar

and yeh well its just a cheap mic a tone port with the missing gear box stuff, so basicly as an imput and abelton live lite, and alot of careful editing lol
yeh we did it in one take on all the vocals ect. and yes the lack of verse and chorus was mainly cause we were going for a carolina drama styel structure, hence the story telling in the lyrics ect. i know ts more a verse and bridge combo, but yeh thanks.
I really quite like this actually
Except for the little hiccups in pitch that i'm sure you're aware of, the vocal is really nice, i dig your voice man. That combined with a simple but effective chord sequence makes it quite moving actually, and you've managed to write some rather touching lyrics avoiding cheesiness or cliches.

Looking forward to hearing a finished version for sure!
i liked the recording quality of the song...
acoustic guitar was pretty good and the main vocalist was cool..
and whats up with the song being end at at once ??? :S
Quote by sbikram
i liked the recording quality of the song...
acoustic guitar was pretty good and the main vocalist was cool..
and whats up with the song being end at at once ??? :S

that happens on mine too, i think its just ultimate guitar
if u want the whole song, give me ur email and i can send u it
This a good song, great vocals but the harmony bit just doesn't work and goes out of tune. I really like your voice though nice tone.. would like to hear a polished product. good work.


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