hey guys! So I think i've settled on a guitar to get but I wanted your guys' input on it first. Im thinking of getting this guitar on craigslist for $200. does this seem like a good deal for this guitar (you guys would know better than some site that could be outdated for all i know). Again, let me know! Thanks


it looks nice.
i have a fender with a dao (probably laminate) top with fishman electronics and it plays very nice.

if that one is anything like mine im sure youll be happy at that price point.
Have you actually played this model? For all you know, you might not even like it.
Browse stores first, then go online and see if you can get a better deal.
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^ Good advice.

Alvarez's are generally made well, but that one doesn't even have a solid top as far as I see. You should look into getting a guitar with a solid top.
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well it's craigslist so i will def. play it before I purchase it, if I don't like it im not committed to buying it.

1) what difference does a solid top make?2
2) if this guitar doesnt have a solid top is $200 not worth it?
1) A solid top will get better with age. The sound will improve. Laminate does not.

2) I wouldn't pay $200 for a laminate guitar, but if you really like it don't let my opinion stop you.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It