What do you guys like to use for a slide? Glass, meta, etc and on what finger do you like using it on?

I just want to pick one up and have fun with it. I know there are tunings you can use for slide, but I should be able to Google that easily enough.
I have a metal one which I use for my ring finger, because I managed to brake my last glass slide. Some have to learn it the hard way.

I'm a lousy slide player by the way.
I use a JD Glass one on my ring finger. As for tunings any open one will do but Open G is a particularly nice one.
I prefer steel for electric guitar. It's brighter and seems to sustain better than glass, although glass can sound really good. I've never been able to get a very good sound out of brass, but most brass slides I've tried were just too heavy and cumbersome. I always use the slide on my middle finger, muting with my index finger, so I have my ring and pinky finger free for other fretwork.
i use a glass one, because i prefer the tone, although i dont mind chrome or something if im playing acoustic. my Dad has the most awesome slide, its the neck of the first wine bottle opened at his wedding
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Metal ones are really bright, to bright for single coils,
and supposedly Glass ones are super warm, but the only ones ive played were chrome
either the dunlop blues bottle or the dunlop pyrex is supposed to be a copy of duane allmans slide(those are both glass)
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i use a tapered glass JD slide on my ring finger. i also play slide, for the most part, on one of my guitars i have tuned to open Eb. i always thought metal slides sounded too tinny, IMO.

you usually want to use an open tuning for slide
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Thanks guys! That's great information. I'll pick up a metal one tomorrow. I like playing with a wah and blasting it. Most my guitars have humbuckers too.