So im in the market for a new guitar, and this guitar jumped out at me on ebay.


What does the infinate knowledge of UG say about this? It says "No breaks / No repairs, overall in really nice shape with the noticable exception being the chip on the long wing (as most have)." I cant see any chips on it, and wtf is the long wing? and what does it mean "(as most have)"? If anyone could enlighten me that would be great. And it looks like it has a FR, but does anyone know what kind? Does anything jump out at you as being wrong with it? (yes im a parinoid ebay buyer)And lastly, I play in drop C, so do you think i could set it up for that?
Thanks to all who reply
1. The "long wing" would be one of the protusions of the guitar's shape - in this case, I'd guess he's talking about the very tip of the bottom edge. The "as most have" seems to mean that it's very common on these guitars to be damaged as such.

2. That looks like a Kahler, not a Floyd, to me.

3. You could totally set it up for that. Or get somebody else to.
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I dont know my whammy bars, so if you could also give me your oppinion on this type of whammy, id be delighted
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Considering the age it looks like its in really good shape. That is def a Kahler too. I wish I knew what kind. The trem looks like its in good order too.

I say go for it.
Okay, that is an old Kahler mounted with a cam.
The best Kahlers.
And the long wing would be the horn on the bottom cut away for upper fret access. Most Kelly's get chipped there, apparently.

Anyway, I'd say get it.
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Holy shit yes that's a nice guitar.
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That's before Jackson became crap.

Now thats a real Jackson. I say buy that guitar and unearth the beast with it.
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Thats a Kahler bridge, which is really good. Basically, thats a great axe and its in great condition. San Dimas Kellys are hard to come buy, so grab this before someone else does.
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Well im gunna go for it, the infinately expanding and all knowing knowledge of UG has convinced me. I would gladly put up vids and sound clips, but sadly, i have dial up and it would take hours to upload them., But il be sure to post pix. Is there any last words about why i shouldnt buy it for any reason?
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That's before Jackson became crap.

Woah! jacksons are not carp now. i will admit they were better back in the day but same with gibson and fender. i will bet u that almost all $500-$600 range jackson could kill a bunch of those $1000 deans
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