for some reason im having troubles getting a consistent tone but what exactly are fry vocals ive been trying to learn these

edit: also 1 thing that has been bothering me is does it have to be under your adams apple because i always tend switch back to false vocal cords instead
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idk how to do a vocal fry ... drink lots of lukewarm water, dont drink or smoke anything else. get rid of all the phlegm, cause that doesnt promote a whole lot of progress. you have to practice enough where you get that raspyness in your throat. as for the adams apple thing, i dont know, stay with high pitched screams until you think you have stressed your vocal chords enough to where it doesnt hurt very much and ya got a good enough sound

i dont think i forgot anything...
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well it doesn't hurt to do anything but i can't get fry screams to be high only low and sometimes mid range
no offense to you but i practiced doing some frys and i realized that it is a very pussy way to scream. its not even loud

alright, this is very hard to explain, START OUT by bringing your vocal chords together so your voice is high pitched, and push out hard using your diaphragm (not your lungs). you will not, NOT get a good consistent sounding scream at the beginners level. its just like working out, if your some skinny emo kid you cant just expect to bench 225 out of nowhere. it will hurt a little after about five minutes so wait till the next day to try some more. low screams are a bit more abusive on your vocals so do those when your more accustomed to the higher pitch

help me out guys, am i the only one who knows how to explain this?

EDIT: look for this thread........ Vocal Fry / False Chords (screaming)
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thanks for your help and outward screaming doesn't hurt its getting those tought middle/high pitches and i find low notes very easy