Hi i've been playing for about 4 months now, i'm progressing through my guitar journey pretty well.

My first guitar was a crappy Stagg Strat like those $99 Squiers on the net. I just sold it to my friend so i'm geting a new guitar.

I browsed www.thomann.de and found this


It looks pretty nice and cheap as my second guitar and i'm planning on ordering it tomorrow. But i dont know if i can trust the site, has anyone else ordered from there?
Did they send the Guitar to your doorstep or did you get it from the mail company?

I dunno i've never ordered something this big through the net so i dont know whether i should expect my guitar to be lost in the mail..... :P So i'd rather go to a local shop, but they dont have dean guitars there.

The thing is a Local shop in my country is selling a Jackson guitar ( i think ) that has HSH Pickups with a Rose floyd tremolo system, and it's 220 Euros, guitars here are expensive....

- Should i get the Dean Guitar which is kind of dream to me since Michael Angelo Batio uses dean guitars, the guitar costs around 177Euros.
- Or shall i get that jackson guitar with the HSH pickups that costs 220?

The kind of music i play is Metal, Power Chords, Fade to black, Master of puppets, that kind of stuff.

Which guitar would be more suitable? The dean one with the 2 Humbuckers or the Jackson with 2 Humbuckers and 1 Single coil?

I have to say the Jackson guitar was in no way as noisy as those 2 Humbucker Guitars that have high output.

Anyway awaiting for some answers :P
never order over the internet always try before you buy. try a bunch of guitars in the store you never know what you might like. I always do that. go in wanting something specific, and come out with something completely different but better than what I originally wanted. hope this helps some