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But, as stated, it raises the pitch of the strings in half steps and whole steps depending on placement.

*Capo on first fret would mean that the 6th string played open would be a F instead of an E, indicating a half-step raise...
Each fret is a half-step, essentially.

If this is how to put it on...pull the trigger, and stick on the desired fret?
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hey..please help me w/ this capo..i dont get it. do u have 2 change the music?

What is that supposed to mean? You mean the key of the song?
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a capo is like a movable nut.

so the next higher fret becomes the new #1, when using wt a tab.

people use capos to transpose into easier to finger chords.
to change to an easier key for the singer,
and/or when two or more guitars are playing along to a song and you want them to be able to play together while distinguishing each guitar's individual tone.

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