Hey everyone, I've been working on this song for about a week now and I added some lyrics and probably have it about half done. I would appreciate it if some of you could listen to it and give me some good feedback on the lyrics, music, and overall melody. But most of all the chorus. I need to change the chorus lyrics because they are kinda lame, but I don't want to come up with lyrics for the current chorus melody if that sucks too. Know what I mean?

Anyway give it a listen, please!!


dude i loved it
i would make no changes but its your song so you decide what happens with it
it rocked though
think you should shorten the intro in half but again its your song
ive listened to it 3 times now and the only change would be the intro
and maybe adding a little more flare on the drums
love the different solos in it
i like the way you didnt try to do some crazy fast solo
its nice once and a while to listen to a song that isnt all "lets show off our amazing soloing and force it into a song"
this song talks
also nice touch with the fading ending
I would totally buy it!!
keep rocking!!
Definitely like the solos. Had feeling in them, and went well with the rhythm of the song.

Singing/lyrics weren't really my thing but they fit the song.

Drums could use some more interesting parts but it didnt bother me.

Keep it up.
Really nice man, I agree that the intro is cool but could be shorter. I totally bought that solo, its rockin' without being flashy or anything. You've got a good voice for rock too.
I would add some more fills and maybe some heavier/louder parts to the drums but theres nothing wrong with them

I'm coming back for another listen at some point
nice! felt the intro was alright...

could do with more interesting drums though!

vocals are good. fits the style really well.

really good!
The intro fits the song really well in my opinion. Good vocals for this kind of music too. The drums can get kind of boring when they sound so fake. You should try putting some different effects on them. I usually put a little bit of distortion and reverb on my drums and they can sound close to realistic.

Overall great job!
As promised I came back for another listen! The song definitely holds up to repeated listenings.
Aside from the drums which have been mentioned, there are snippets of vocals here and there that aren't quite up to the level of the rest of it ie. the very first line, but thats really nitpicking looking for something to fault and is largely personal taste.

Still dig that solo. And I like the end.

Would be great if you checked mine out