i took my epi outta it's case today and noticed a slight hairline split between the body and the fretboard of the guitar. it looks like the fret board is seperating from where it is glued on the body. i cant get pictures of it becuase it doesn't show up on camera but it's there. do you think it will get worse? it is super small and i dont think it is anything to worry about but i dont know.
I hope that you're talking about more of a line than a split where the fretboard is glued.

Be careful with Epi necks. My neck broke after 3 months of very gentle use, I can't see it being to unreal to have your fretboard become broken/unglued.
ive had my epi 4 2 years and its perfectly fine

try bringing it 2 your local guitar center
theyll look it over free of charge and tell you how much it would cost to replace/fix
they might even tell you how to fix it

totally sorry about the guitar
good luck
Yeah, it depends on what the split is like, but that's generally not good. Do you think you could put a pic up for me to evaluate. It may need a totally new fretboard, it may be fillable.

Also, get a tech to check it out.
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