ok im pretty new here and i wanna compare my skills against eveyone else so how good were u guys after one year???? (i've been playin just over a year)

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You can't really compare how well your doing to other people, everyone progresses at different rates...
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Absolutely terrible. I could play some lead, but couldn't stay in time worth a sh!t. Played rhythm, couldn't stay in time. I didn't have a clue about effective practice. Anything really.
But that's me. I learn slowly at the beginning, but learn fast once I've (finally) gotten to a certain point.
how good we were after a year doesn't matter. especially in comparison to how good you are, just play dude. btw i was horrendous but thought i was decent.
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I was playing blink 182 after a year. That should be enough to tell you.

me as well

and richie jovie is funny lol
song stuck in my head today

Dude, as long as you enjoy it, who cares? I know that you probably want some assurance as to how you're doing, but it really doesn't matter. You will naturally progress as long as you continue being curious about new things. This is especially true with jazz music. You just seem to naturally start developing new things when you set goals to learn to do something new. But don't try to become technically better just so that you can be better than someone else.
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i know its hard to compare and i love to play
but name some of the songs please!!
i'm not just doin this to be better then somone else i just wanna know how i compare sorry if this offends anyone r anythin like that im just curious ok?