my long awaited vox valvetronix amp just came in the mail and suddenly my guitar starts acting up. i put new strings on a couple days ago and then yesterday the high e string just popped off. it didn't break it just came out of the tuning peg. i figured i strung it poorly and threw on a new string. now this string keeps coming loose. at first i thought i just had to break it in but it's been doing it for wayyy too long and every time i bend the string it falls down to around an Eb.
does anyone have any idea what might be happening and what i should do?
dude this happens to me soo much
I buy a new piece of equipment. And something else craps out prohibiting me from playing it. Be patient though. Getting mad doesn't get you far.

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Check your nut, it could be why it's going out of tune. If it's not that, just replace the tuner.
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Try getting new tuners. My dads Les Paul did that and he replaced them didn't happen again
You could just be putting it in wrong, I started doing that after a long period of not changing strings.
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