So, i got my Jackson Js30DKT,
i love it, the only thing i dont like
is the bridge, now, i can get a Jackson
JS30DK, same thing, but with a Floyd
Rose, the thing is, the feel of the neck
is shit, so i was wondering;

A) would it be a bad idea to put my current
JS30DKT neck on a JS30DK?

B)i realize i would need a locking nut,
how hard are these to install

C)any tonal/sustain issues?
A) Theres no reason why not, as long as intonations right, (Distance from the nut to the 12th fret must be the same distance between the 12th fret and the saddles on the bridge)

B) Not to hard you just need to route the area where the nut needs to go, if theres not enough room on the end of your neck (you need to route towards the tuners) You can wither have your nut hanging off or you can make a small platform out of scrap wood.
Heres a tutorial, scroll down for the nut part

C) It will effect your tone and sustain a little bit, but not to much...