I've changed the strings on a electric and don't know what string brands and gauges are good can someone help me out a little by recomendations?
Good brands:

D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Rotosound, Elixir, GHS, Dean Markley ...


.008 = very light, very easy to bend
.009 = light, standard set on new electrics
.010 = regular
.011 = fairly heavy, beefier tone
.012 = heavy, SRV territory
.013 = very heavy, painful

These are the standard sets; there are also hybrid sets with, say, the top 3 strings from a .009 set and the bottom 3 from a .011 set.
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.011-.013 Elixirs, with a nice distortion amp, a decent hard rocking guitar, drop d tuning, u are set for playing distubed,slipknot,a7x all that stuff