well i got one of there standard 100 cables in the 21'. and i need to buy a patch cable. and i have another cheap 21' cable. so i was going to buy a monster 8" standard 100 cable for the patch cable. and a 12' standard 100 cable to replace the 21' cheap cable because i did not need the 21'. is this a good idea or am i wasteing my money. and if i am what other no noise cable should i get.
I likes 'em, I does. I have a few of them, only one has failed me.
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i definately noticed a big difference when i switched to monster standard 100's. it cut down my hum by at least 80%. my last cables were some el cheapo $5 ones from GC; they were extremely microphonic and would transfer every movement through the amp. Even if you don't buy the monster cables, definitely spend the money on quality cables.
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yes, get monster cables
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Not a fan. Too pricey when you can get same quality for less imo.
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I have one of these and so far it has outlasted my Monster cable.

I've got one of those here. It is a scratchy piece of crap. It is one of the reasons I got the Death Valley cables to replace all of mine.

For proof, here is said cable with some of the Death Valley cables I got...

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monsters are way too expenisive for what you get, but they're not a bad cable
i myself use the higher end Planet Waves ones, the circuit breaker series to be infact
but it all comes down to personal opinion really