So I was looking into some "rotary" effects, to get a cool, swirling like sound for my music. I was looking into the Boss RT-20 or Dunlop Rotovibe, but I am asking here for other suggestions. I play classic rock, funk, blues mostly, and I'll probably be willing to spend $200 USD. My current set-up is: Guitar -> Budda Wah -> Ibanez TS9 -> Fender Champ 600.

I searched this and it didn't turn up any threads like this, but if there is one, please link me to it!
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Should be a no brainer, but have you checked out the youtube demos of these? There's a really nice comprehensive one of the rt-20 that I've seen a few times. Also, you'll have a hard time finding the rotovibe, but any guitarcenter will have an RT-20 set up in their pedal section to try out, so get out there and get your hands on one to see for yourself.

As far as other suggestions--I always just used the rotary effects in various cheap rackmount effects processors that I've owned over the years. They may not be quite as authentic sounding as the dunlop and boss, but poorly done rotary modeling is still a really nice sound, one that I frequently substitute for chorus on both guitar and bass.
I forgot to look on youtube. I'll definitely check one out at GC, since I'm probably going there this weekend (they're having a big sale). Thanks.
Saint Louis Blues
can be cool, can sound horrible depending on what you play. if you understand what gy!be means, then you should be alright.


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