On this manson can someone please explain all the controls etc on it?
As far as I know it has a fuzz factory and a MXR Phase 90 with a mini switch for each effect to control it, A volume and a tone control, a pickup selector and another switch.
Is this right?
What is the other switch?
Is it a killswitch?
What about the rest of the knobs on the fuzz factory?
Are they on the back?
Which knob from the fuzz factory is on the front?
How is the phaser and the fuzz wired into the guitar?
Can someone please draw me up a simple diagram?
Thanks in advance,
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ok so i know all the contents etc.
But can someone please explain the wiring/ how to wire the effects in?
And also what knob from the fuzz factory is on the front?
you could probably try to email hugh manson and get the diagrams, or hit up people on youtube that have done Manson builds themselves.