should be used when asking about questions other than guitar?

edit: haha sorry i mean instruments other than guitar!!
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Bass guitar for bass Guitar, peace for anything else. This is a guitar website, if you want to talk about anything else take it to the hell known as the pit.
i enjoy head
dammit. i was really hoping for some good forum for other instruments. oh well, maybe theres an ultimate-flute or ultimate-saxophone somewhere. thanks for the help anyways man!
Musician talk forum. Or talk to me about most of them, I play fourteen instruments
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UG has forums for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Bass Guitar.
Also a Guitar and Bass forum for subjects that are common to both.

questions about other instruments go in The Pit.
questions about music theory, bandleading, etc go in Musician Talk.

there's a sticky at the top of this forum that has a brief description of each forum on UG, and much more. you should take a look.

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