What are the pros and cons of a bone nut, im thinking of getting one, the price doesnt matter.
Pros: improvement in tone, stronger than PVC or similar plastic
Cons: Not too great with trems; dust smells bad
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^^I don't know that I've ever seen a brass nut... they use bell brass for frets sometimes, so I'm sure it would work. Not sure what it would sound like though.
I recommend tusq.
Brass is great for upping clarity and sustain (for me at least). I've seen them available, but dunno where or for how much. My dad had some scrap brass around, so I made one meself.
A bone nut will have a slightly brighter tone than a plastic or graphite nut. Generally they're a good improvement over any plastic nut.
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Pros: improvement in tone, stronger than PVC or similar plastic
Cons: Not too great with trems; dust smells bad

^ this.

and yes... they STINK. when you have to shape them... ugh... good luck. they smell awful
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Get TUSQ or graphite or something, real bone looks better on the animal

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expensive. blanks are not that costly, but shaping/slotting them is a slower process.
traditionally the finest guitars have used bone.
great tone sustain on open strings.

Tusq, graphite infused composite materials:
mid-priced. good choice for a vibrato equipped guitar with conventional nut.
not as good as bone for tone/sustain, but damned close.
good value/dollar.

wide range of prices and quality.
in general, inferiour.

not very common, but a good choice in terms of tone/sustain.
will wear faster with vibrato use or frequent tuning changes, particularly with wound strings.
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SYK pretty much nailed it. I have my own nut file set and I swear by bone. It takes me about 30 or 40 minute to shape and slot one.