I have been playing guitar for just under a year and want a new guitar and lessons for an early birthday and christmas present. details details... I'll get to the point. I don't have the biggest buget and I want a personal guitar that is amazing to me. I have about a 600 dollar budget and want an awesome looking guitar that has a great quality sound. I am doing me best to use my resources but it's not shaping up to be a fruitful search... So any help would be nice.

My playing style is rock, hard rock, and alternative. I have an Ibanez that I love the feel for but am wanting a guitar with a floyd rose and tremelo. I also want the quality to be decent enough to play at a battle of the bands concert.

So any parts very cheap but very good? Anybody live in Minnesota and want to give an inspiring musician a great deal? Is building a guitar from scratch worth it or should I just buy a new guitar?

Thank you to anybody who give's their opinion
Build it if you are good with working with wood. Buy a new one if you are horrible at crafting stuff. My friend played a Squire at a Battle of bands, and got the encore from the crowd (they didnt win). And its not the guitar, its always the player.
buy parts from the carvin site.. and... buy either seymor duncans or probally dimarzios... and put a cool paint job and your set.!
dude just get an ibanez SZ470
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Jackoson Dinky DK2 FTW ! pretty much the price u said, 2 singles 1 bucker SH-4 from Duncan, and a floyd ! (licensed not original, those are expensive as shit!) if u want a custom paint job, buy it in black as its more cheaper and change it, (did that in a squier hello kitty i´ll show as soon as i get my invader ;D)
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it depends, building a gutair is something for fun, if you just want a new one i suggest you go buy one, but if you want to start a long term hobby then you should build one.