SO! I play bass-heavy metal (sikth), technical pop punk (protest the hero), and jazz fusion (allan holdsworth).

I can either get a mesa recto 212 cab for $450, or an Avatar G212H for $400(filed under "traditional" cab series on the avatar website). Money is a big issue for me, as I go to university, and I'd rather eat fancy (KD) than have boring old water and bread for a month. 50$ goes a long way for me! haha

opinions plz? I am ordering the amps, so I can't try them out beforehand.
Mesa, it's just a better cab overall.
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well, I don't know much about Mesa, but I know Avatar cabs are constantly getting rave reviews about them. They're good quality andd... *checks website* is built very similarly to Orange cabinets in terms of construction, which are some of (in my opinion) the best there are.
I'm looking into getting a G212H contemporary cab for my Orange head, and it looks like it's a pretty awesome cab.

Long story short
Dunno about Mesa, wait till someone says something
Haven't heard anything against Avatar yet, seems to check out, nice reviews.
yeh, the G212H isn't the G212 contemporary man. it's the one with thinner cab walls. Believe me, if I could get an orange 212 for $400-$450, I wouldn't be posting :P

btw- both cabs are loaded with V30's (and the G212H has hellatone V30's... basically pre-broken in for better cone breakup).
I live in ontario, canada, and after shipping from manitoba, it's over $400.
It's listed at a web store, located in Toronto (close to me), and the guy's got it listed at $400.
the mesa's build quality and dimensions would be suited better for most things than the avatar. and at only $50, i'd say it's worth it.
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in that case go with the mesa. i have the avatar 2x12 traditional but i prefer my old mesa recto cab that came with the dual rec i sold.